Writing a dissertation involves various stages of presenting the theory. The various parts of the assignment are documented separately to make the dissertation easy to follow. The dissertation abstract is one of the most important parts of the document. Even though it is only a short presentation, it is as important as the other sections of your dissertation.

The most important aspect of an abstract is that it is a very short presentation. The reason is apparent if you think of the objective of an abstract. An abstract is aimed at giving the reader an idea of the contents of the dissertation without having to read through the complete document. This helps the reader to decide whether he wants to take the trouble of reading through the actual dissertation which would be very lengthy. Hence it is expected to be short but informative.

An abstract provides a precise view of your document to the reader. This determines the importance of the abstract. The reader will be going through your abstract before studying the research paper. As the reader would be gathering the initial impression about your dissertation from the abstract, it is very important for it to be accurate and interesting. It should be capable of convincing the reader, of the quality of the content of your dissertation. If the information in the abstract doesn’t tally with the content of your dissertation it will confuse your reader and leave a negative impression.

There are certain important points which should be mentioned in the abstract. These would be the basic information the reader expects from the abstract you present. The trick is to reveal just the right amount of information without leaving out anything important or giving away too much.

The topic is the most obvious factor to be included in the abstract. The topic doesn’t mean the topic alone. The various aspects related to the topic should also be mentioned in the dissertation abstract. This includes the subject which the topic is related to, the scope of the topic in the subject area and the perspective you wish to use on the topic for your dissertation. Talk of why the topic was worth researching on. Explain the purpose of the research and the particular aspect of the topic you have addressed in your dissertation. The hypothesis or the thesis statement also will be a part of the topic section of the abstract.

The methodology used for your research is another point which should necessarily be mentioned in your dissertation abstract. This will help the reader to follow your elaborate description of the research procedure in your dissertation. You can also mention the sources you have used for your research, in the abstract. But remember to keep it very precise as abstracts are expected to be only around 300words.

A good dissertation abstract will be concise and informative. It will give the reader a very accurate idea of your dissertation and its contents. If you need help with preparing the abstract for your dissertation, our writers will be able to help you.