Writing a dissertation acknowledgement is all about expressing your gratitude to all those who were informally a part of your research procedure. Unlike references which are useful to the audience, an acknowledgement will not be of any official use. It is a personal note of gratitude to all those who helped you informally.

There will be many people who deserve to be included in the dissertation acknowledgement. To make sure that you have not left any of them out, it will be ideal to start making a note of their names from the beginning. If you have not done it, then you can try thinking back to the time you started the process. For the purpose you must go back to the time you started considering doing a dissertation.

• Most students face a dilemma when they reach the point of committing themselves to a research procedure. They spend months wondering if they must take it up or not. If you are one of them and if there is someone who helped you in making up your mind, that person becomes one of the most important factors of your success. Hence that would be the first person who deserves to be acknowledged.

• From there you must have proceeded to choose a suitable topic. Think of whether the topic was your own choice or the suggestion of someone else. If you had taken help from someone to choose your topic, that person should also be included in your dissertation acknowledgement.

• Dissertation is a very confusing and long procedure. Without an advisor it is not easy to complete the process. Sometimes you will be blessed enough to have more than one advisors to assist you. They must, at all costs, be thanked in the acknowledgement section of your dissertation.

• Consider if any of your professors assisted you in anyway. It could have been a special permission to leave his class to run to the library or information on a particular book which helped you in your research. If so, you must, most certainly, acknowledge them. They are also indirectly assisting you in your research.

• You must also think of your friends who stood by you through the tedious process. It might just be one of those times when they forgave you for missing their birthday parties as you were buried under piles of books researching on your topic. Or it might also be one of those times when they brought you lunch when you didn’t have time to get it yourself. These are not things which can be formally listed but in a dissertation acknowledgement, you have full liberty to thank them for all that they did for you.

• Last but least, those members of your family who helped you with your tough routine also deserves to be acknowledged. Your mother who made you coffee all night or your siblings who stayed awake to give you company or your dad who stayed back to assist you with your dissertation writing are all people to be included in the list.

Dissertation acknowledgement is a personal note. What counts more than anything is the personal satisfaction you get to see the names of those who helped you in your official document. If you wish to get a beautiful note written to be attached to your dissertation, our writers will be able to help you.