Your dissertation acknowledgement may not count for the judgment of your dissertation. But it will definitely matter if you wish to express the gratitude, in the best possible way, to all those who selflessly assisted you with your research and dissertation writing. Even though there are no specific rules on the method or pattern for writing the acknowledgment, there are certain aspects which will help you frame this page beautifully.

First and foremost, remember that it is an informal note. It is a separate sheet to be attached after the title page before the abstract. The length of the dissertation acknowledgement will depend up on the number of people you wish to acknowledge. But it must not be longer than one page. The first task is to make a list of all those you wish to acknowledge. It is important that you don’t miss out on any of them. If you were wise enough to make a note of all of them as and when they became a part of your schedule, you can use that list. But if not, you might have to spend some time to dig out the names of all of them from your memory.

There are many ways by which you can prepare your acknowledgement. As it is an informal document, your personal preferences can be applied as long as you stay within the page limit. This page must be given the heading of ‘Dissertation Acknowledgement’. Once you have a list of all those whom you wish to thank, you must consider the length of the list. If there is just one of them or even two, you can frame the whole document as a single paragraph. But if there are more, it would look better either as separate paragraphs or a bulleted list.

The pattern of your dissertation acknowledgement also depends on whether you wish to just include their names on this page or whether you wish to elaborate on how they helped you. If there are too many of them, you may not have the option of elaborating much. You will have to determine this depending on your list. It is also necessary to organize the names. You can either arrange them according to the stage of research they helped you with or according to the amount of help given by them. But always remember to put it in writing that the gratitude you have for the ones mentioned towards the end of the list is no lesser than what you have for those mentioned first.

If you have a limited number of people to thank and you wish to utilize the remaining space well, you can add creativity to the expression of your gratitude. Gratitude, when expressed beautifully, becomes more touching and remains in the minds of those who happen to read it.

A dissertation acknowledgement, being a very personal note, will give you immense satisfaction, when written well. If you are not good with words, you must consider getting it written by professional academic writers who are familiar with dissertation writing and the various challenges it poses.

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