A dissertation acknowledgement is an informal note. But the fact that it is attached to a formal document makes it necessary for it to be well-written. There are many structural patterns you can use to prepare the acknowledgement sheet of your dissertation. It will be ideal for you to choose a structure that suits your requirements, as it is a part of your dissertation, even though it is not going to be graded.

There are certain assignment guidelines which would specify the word limit for an acknowledgement also. Hence you must check your dissertation guidelines to see if there are any instructions regarding the dissertation acknowledgement. The word limit matters a lot while determining the structure. You cannot prepare a structured acknowledgement if the words which can be used are restricted to less than 200. The basic structure of any written document must have an introduction, at least one body paragraph and a conclusion. And to frame such a structure, you will need to be able to use at least 250-300 words. If there is no restriction or limitation on the acknowledgement section, you may choose a structure which appeals to you the most.

If you wish to give only a brief note of acknowledgement, you can compress it into a single paragraph. You can start by saying how much of your success you owe to the people you are about to acknowledge. You can go on to address them one by one directly or address the audience. A direct address would sound like this; “Prof.____, first of all I wish to thank you for…”. If you are addressing the audience it would read like this; “First of all I wish to thank Prof._____ for helping…”. You can wind up the paragraph by thanking them all once again.

If you wish to elaborate in your dissertation acknowledgement, you can prepare a properly structured note with an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Again, there are many patterns which can be used to frame the body paragraphs of a structured acknowledgement. This depends mainly on your preferences and the number of people you wish to acknowledge.

Since this part of your dissertation is not included for the judgment of your work, you can use your preferences to frame this page. What matters is that it is well-written as it will be read by those who evaluate your work, even if they don’t grade it. And considering that this is one of the first pages of your completed dissertation document, it will play a big part in creating an impression about you and your work. Hence, even though it is an informal document, it must be prepared carefully considering its place on the top of a formal document.

Taking a look at dissertation samples would help you get an idea of how to go about preparing an acknowledgement. Good language skills are absolutely necessary while preparing informal documents which actually matters. If you are not very good with words, you have the option of getting a dissertation acknowledgement done for you. Make sure that you choose professional academic writers for the purpose. Only someone who knows the difficulties of putting together a research paper or dissertation can write a satisfactory acknowledgement for the same.