The trouble with a dissertation acknowledgement lies in the fact that it is a completely informal document which would be attached to the top of an extremely formal one. Hence most of the time, students are confused of whether the way you prepare it actually matters or not. The truth is that even though it doesn’t matter directly, there would of course be some indirect influence as it would be read before the dissertation. It will create a vague impression in your readers about your writing skills. It is needless to say that a beautifully written acknowledgement would impress your readers. Hence it is better to put in a little effort to make this section of your dissertation, flawless and well-written.

If you are just planning to prepare your dissertation acknowledgement in a single paragraph, you would not have any options with the pattern. But if you are preparing one which is properly structured with an introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion, you can experiment with various patterns in the body paragraphs. But whichever pattern you choose, you must first sort out the list of those who want to acknowledge. Once you have arranged the names in the order you want to thank them, you can consider the various patterns in which you can present the matter satisfactorily.

The first option is to give a bulleted list or a numbered list. If you are choosing to number the list, you might want to consider if that would leave an impression of the last ones being less important. Bulleted lists are better as they distribute the importance equally. Once you have prepared a bulleted list, you can proceed to add matter against each of the names, thanking them separately.
If there is no page limit specified for the dissertation acknowledgement of your assignment, then you can decide whether you want to thank each of those in the list elaborately or just mention their names. If you have the time and the willingness to go to the trouble of writing out a detailed note of thanks, it would be most ideal. But if you want to limit it to just a few words, a bulleted list would be suitable for that as well.

You can also choose to prepare a paragraphed dissertation acknowledgement. But while presenting it in paragraphs, you will have to consider a few things. First of all, you must classify those who helped you in order to sort them into separate paragraphs. You cannot allot one paragraph to each of them as there is a minimum suitable length for the body paragraphs and you would not have so much to write on everyone in your list. So the best way would be to classify them into groups like, family – parents, immediate family and extended family, friends, advisors and others. Then you can dedicate one paragraph to each group.

Writing a dissertation acknowledgement is all about personal satisfaction. It will not be graded or used as a criterion for grading. But your readers will know that you one of those genuine people who do not forget those who helped them. And that positive impression can give you positive results indirectly. If you wish to get a custom acknowledgement written for your dissertation or research paper, you would find our writers suitable for the purpose.