A dissertation acknowledgement, unlike a formal reference page, is a completely informal note of gratitude to all those who helped you indirectly with your research. You will be referencing your sources in the reference page. But you would have been assisted by certain other people also, indirectly, whom you cannot include as sources. But it is your duty to thank them also. This is the purpose of an acknowledgement. Writing an acknowledgement is a stress-free job as there is no pressure on you about making it perfect. But if you wish to express your gratitude to those who selflessly helped you with the tedious dissertation writing process, in a way that would reach out to them, it would require some effort on your part.

Even though it need not necessarily be in a structured format, a properly structured acknowledgement would look neater and it would help in highlighting each of those included in it equally. Since, your readers would be going through this section before they read your dissertation, a well-written note would add impression to your dissertation. The conclusion in a dissertation acknowledgement serves only the purpose of winding up the note. But you can use a bit of your creative writing skills and make it an impressively concluded acknowledgement.

The first use you must put your conclusion to, is to recount the instances when you faced difficulties with your project. Do not elaborate as this is just a conclusion. Give it in a summarized form. Then you can collectively thank all those who are addressed in the note for the assistance they provided. If you are thanking only one or two people you can address them directly again. But if there are too many people included in the note, you will not be able to name each of them in a short paragraph like a conclusion.

You can also use the conclusion for the purpose of telling those whom you have addressed that they all carry equal significance. You cannot place them all in a straight line in the body paragraphs. So, some of them would naturally end up in the last part of the section. Your dissertation acknowledgement would look much better if you make them all look equally important. The most popular usage of ‘last but least’ can be used for the last person in the list or if you have a better way of saying it, you may do that as well. But make sure that you don’t make anyone feel inconspicuous in the section.

You must also use the conclusion of your dissertation acknowledgement to recount the fact that you managed to complete your dissertation successfully due to the help of all those addressed in the section. Giving a part of the credit of your success to them would only add to the positive image the readers develop about you.

If you are not good with informal writing, you can also get your dissertation acknowledgement written for you, by professionals. Remember to choose academic writers because only someone who knows the difficulties involved in the dissertation or the research paper writing process will be able to write a good acknowledgement for a dissertation.

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