If you are about to do a dissertation, you must be aware of the fact that it involves many stages of writing and rewriting before a final draft is ready. Editing is a very important part of the dissertation writing procedure. Even the most interesting contents will not be appreciated unless presented in a legible way. Hence, dissertation editing should most certainly be included in your research planning.

Writing a dissertation is a rather lengthy procedure. It involves a lot of research and further on, documentation of the research findings. The facts put together by the researcher are to be presented to the selected audience for judgment. Before submitting the documents you will have to make sure that all the components are in place. The verdict of the authorities will be based on various aspects including the contents, the structure, the grammatical perfection and flawless spellings. The writing style, the method of presentation etc are some of the other aspects of a dissertation which are used for judging the document.

First and foremost, check whether your dissertation has managed to fit into all the instructions in the guidelines. There will be guidelines regarding the topic, the style, the type, the format and about many other aspects of your dissertation. Make sure that you have managed to stick to all the instructions. While at it, check the word or page limit as well. If the document has turned out to be too short, then find the best points and elaborate on them. Remember not to be repetitive while elaborating. On the other hand, if your document is too long, delete the less relevant parts or cut down on the description, wherever possible. Once through with the shortening of the document to the right size, check if there are any lines which look isolated from the rest due to the absence of the deleted lines.

As the next step, check the structure of your dissertation. It should have an introduction, the literature or the body paragraphs and the conclusion. Each of these structural components should fit into the preferred word limits and also the content. While editing the structure, ensure that all the paragraphs including the introduction and the conclusion connect to each other well enough. Your document should be smooth flowing with one paragraph leading to another to form the conclusion.

Another factor which should be included in your dissertation editing is how well your thesis statement matches with the literature and the conclusion. The thesis which is plainly stated in the introduction is to be established in the conclusion. If you can’t find this connection between the introduction and conclusion of your document you should consider rewriting it. Because a conclusion that contradicts the introductory statement or remains indifferent from the thesis stated in the introduction, would make your dissertation completely pointless.

Also, check whether all the sources have been cited without fail and if the information provided on the sources are all accurate.

Dissertation editing, when done well, is a very time-consuming job; especially if you are not sure of what you are looking for. But think of the positive side – it is the final part of the long dissertation writing procedure. You can also consider getting your dissertation edited by professionals, if you are not feeling up to it.