Understanding the dissertation formats

There are numerous formats which are used for the documentation of dissertations. It must be ascertained with due respect to the subject area of research as each subject has its own preferences regarding the documentation format. All dissertation formats have their own specific ways of presenting the information. It is very important that you follow all the instructions to the finest detail. The formatting is among the most vital elements of dissertation writing.

The most common dissertation formats

Out of the various documentation formats used for dissertation writing, the most commonly used ones are the MLA format and the APA format. Listed below are the specific features which set these documentation formats apart from the rest.

The APA format:

The APA dissertation format is very strict and quite inflexible when it comes to its rules. Hence, it is necessary for you to have a complete understanding of the style to apply it to your paper. Having some good APA format examples in hand would be very helpful in getting an accurate grasp of its specifications. The APA documentation format:

Dissertation Format• Employs the use of a running head on the title page as well as on all the consecutive pages. The running head which comprises of a part of the complete title is meant to help the audience stay on focus as it will keep reminding them of the focus of the paper.

• Uses in-text citations in the ‘(author, date)’ format. The ‘author’ stands for the surname of the author and the ‘date’ stands for the publishing date of the source.

• Prohibits the use of footnotes for the purpose of parenthetical referencing. Footnotes, in APA format, can be used only to give additional information on the text, which is too irrelevant to be a part of the paper.

• Has a separate bibliography section with the heading of ‘References’ which gives complete details on all the sources.

The MLA format:

The MLA format is among the most commonly used formats, mainly, due to its highly flexible nature and simple methods of presentation. The MLA format:

• Does not ask for a separate title page. The information which is to be given on the title page can be included on the first page of the dissertation, on the top quarter.

• Uses parenthetical references in the ‘(author, page)’ format. The surname of the author and the page number are to be given in brackets. The use of end notes or content notes for the purpose of giving additional information is also en courage.

• Has a separate reference section which gives complete information on the sources. This section is to be given the heading of ‘Works Cited’.

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