A dissertation proposal is a fully structured document. Each of the components of its structure is expected to be prepared with due respect to its purpose. The introduction is the first part of the dissertation proposal. And it is not only expected to be a separate paragraph but it is also expected to serve the purpose of introducing the matter of discussion to the audience. If it is necessary to include all the necessary points in the introductory paragraph, it is equally important not to include anything that is not relevant.

One of the most important aspects to be remembered about an introductory paragraph is its length. It is a paragraph which should be proportionately shorter according to the length of the document. This is applicable to the introduction of a dissertation proposal as well. You can safely prepare an introduction within 10 or 15% of the total length of the document. This word limit, even though not mandatory, when maintained, adds to the overall appeal of the proposal.

It often happens that the students prepare the proposal introduction in the same lines as the introduction of the dissertation itself. It should not be so. The introduction of the proposal must only talk of the proposal and not the actual matter of the dissertation.

A dissertation proposal introduction must include the main points related to the research. The topic is, of course, one of those. You must introduce the main aspect of the topic you are planning to research on. The subject area of the research also must be mentioned clearly enough. Most topics are multi-faceted and can be researched on from various angles. This necessitates the inclusion of information on the subject area of research in the proposal introduction.

The main point to be discussed in the introduction of your research proposal is none other than the research question itself. You must successfully convey the matter to the authorities without elaborating much. Hence you must choose your words carefully. It is quite a task to convey the matter effectively through minimal words. The benefits of the research and the scope of the topic can also briefly be mentioned. Do not elaborate on any of these points as the introductory paragraph must be short and focused.

You can give some background information on the topic as is applicable. Irrelevant details must be avoided at all cost. What is relevant and what is not is fully dependent on the main research question. Hence this must be determined by you, with due consideration to the topic and the subject area. Only those pieces of information on the topic which is relevant to the subject would count while presenting a proposal.

The matter you include in the dissertation proposal introduction will influence the impression created in the minds of the readers about your proposal. An introduction is a precise paragraph and the information is to be of a concise nature. This paragraph will highlight the focal point of the proposed research. It will showcase the depth of your knowledge on the topic and your proficiency in the subject. Hence you must carefully evaluate each of the information which you intend to include in the introduction.

There is no dearth of good dissertation topics but you will not be granted permission to research on them unless you prove yourself capable of it. Hence you must put enough effort into each part of the dissertation proposal. Reading through dissertation samples and proposal samples will give you an idea of the difference between both. If you need any more help with preparing a proposal for your dissertation, our writers will be glad to assist you.

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