Each of the structural parts of a document serves a different and specific purpose. The body paragraphs occupy the largest portion of a written document. It consists of the presentation, elaboration, discussion and justification of the facts. In a dissertation proposal it would elaborate the proposed matter of research for the perusal of the authorities.

The matter presented in the body of a proposal must touch on all the important points of the research. The points should be well organized for the authorities to be able to follow the matter easily. Proper organization would also rule out miscommunication which could have a negative impact on your proposal. Allotting a separate paragraph for each point would make the matter more legible and easy to follow. That would also make your dissertation proposal well organized which would, in turn, create a good impression about your genuine interest in the work.

One point which should be elaborated in the body paragraphs is that of the topic and its scope in the specific subject area. You must explain why the research should be done on the topic. The benefits which could be acquired of an extensive study of the topic must be clearly indicated. Since research is a huge procedure, the permission is never granted unless the authorities are convinced about the purpose of the research.

Address the research question. Mention those aspects which are related to the research as well. Some background information on context which caused the problem would add credibility to the proposal. Make sure that the points you present are relevant to the subject area of research.

Your theory or thesis on the topic must be elaborated. This would include justification of your perspective with due respect to the fact that the authorities might have a different perspective. If there is an existing theory on the research question, you may also defend your theory by stating why you think the existing view may not be accurate. Use credible sources to support your theory and cite them appropriately.

The methodology you wish to adopt for the research must also be duly discussed. Explain why you preferred that particular method and why it would be the best one for your dissertation. Elaborate on how you plan to go about the research. Present it clearly and in an organized manner. Demonstrate the process using a detailed plan which indicates each of the stages. Whether you follow the same route or not does not exactly matter. What matters is that the method you portray in your dissertation proposal is logically reasonable and ideal from that point.

An approximate estimate of the process and how that would be justified are also points to be included, if applicable for your project. This applies especially when you need the authorities to arrange for a sponsor for your proposed research.

A dissertation proposal is one of the most important stages of research. It must be given due importance and prepared carefully. And considering that the body paragraphs of the research proposal will take up most of the space in the document, it will form the base of the evaluation criteria. If you manage to write out an impressive proposal, there is no reason why your proposal would be rejected. You may check out the samples on our website to get a better understanding about organizing an academic document.