• Concluding an assignment effectively and impressively is the most difficult part of preparing an academic assignment. But many students are unaware of the need to end their assignment impressively which leads to a neglected ending to a well-written document. The impression they built over the introduction and the body paragraphs of their document gets ruined in an instant due to a poorly framed conclusion. In a document of vital importance such as a dissertation proposal, one cannot afford to neglect any of the structural elements.
  • The concluding paragraph of a dissertation proposal must be used to its best capacity to leave the authorities in favor of the proposed project. The concluding paragraphs always leave a longer lasting impression, negative or positive, because of their positioning towards the end of the document. And a lasting positive impression is exactly what you need for the successful approval of a proposal.
  • Understanding the difference between a dissertation conclusion and a proposal conclusion is very important. The conclusion of a dissertation winds up the discussion of the research and its final analytical report. While writing the proposal you might know what the result of the research would be or at least what you are aiming at proving. But you must make sure that you don’t make your dissertation proposal conclusion sound like the conclusion of a dissertation. The proposal is only a projection of your ideas which is yet to be proved. Hence you must wind up with the offer of solving an issue rather than with the solution itself. Taking a look at some dissertation samples and proposal samples would help you understand the difference better.
  • The first few lines of the conclusion of the dissertation proposal can recount the main points of the proposed research. It is necessary that you address the research question once again and also repeat how you expect to solve it. If necessary, mention the important supporting background information on the topic also. Go on to remind the authorities of the benefits of the research because that is what actually counts. You may also touch upon your personal interest in the project and highlight your enthusiasm in seeing the project completed successfully.
  • Even though it is best to avoid direct citations in a conclusion, you may paraphrase the strongest source which can support your theory. Conclusions are very short paragraphs. And considering that a research proposal is a rather short document, the conclusion will be equally short. Citing a source directly will waste more of your space than paraphrasing. If you are using in-text citations or parenthetical referencing, it will also make the conclusion look too elaborate to suit its nature. Hence stick to paraphrasing while using citations in a dissertation proposal conclusion.
  • A dissertation proposal conclusion must re-emphasize on the purpose of the research, the expected positive results and the scope of the proposed topic. The last sentence of a concluding statement must be the most effective one. This can be determined only according to the type of topic you are dealing with. Hence, use your writing skills to effectively frame the last sentence of your research proposal. If you wish to get a custom research proposal prepared for you, our professional academic writers will prove the best for the purpose.
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