The title occupies the most prominent space in everything that includes it, whether it is a book or a document or yet, a movie. Hence it is very important that you manage one that is interesting and impressive, for your dissertation. A good dissertation title can do wonders to the impression your work creates.

The title, having been granted the privilege of being on the top most space of all documents, is the one that catches the eye of the reader first. For the same reason, the title is that which gives the reader the first glance into your dissertation project. Considering this aspect, you can say that the title is one of the most important parts of a dissertation. There are many factors which need to be taken into consideration while looking around for a good title.

The readers, when they see the title, form an idea about the document they are about to read. Hence the first point to consider while choosing a dissertation title is that it should be relevant. It should contain the main part of the research – the topic. But placing the topic plainly on the top of the page as the title would not look impressive either. Use your creativity to make the title look intriguing and interesting. Various documentation styles have their own preferred title lengths. Remember to check the updated rule books before picking your title.

Do not stretch your title using irrelevant matter. For example, do not use the prefix of ‘a research on the’ or ‘an investigation of’ or yet ‘a detailed study of’ in the title. Be specific. It is very much obvious that if it is a dissertation, it will involve an investigation, study or research. It is unnecessary to mention it in the title. Do not use a complete sentence as a title. But the title should be capable of making complete sense. Do not use abbreviations. It is not allowed in any of the documentation styles.

Your title should be able to justify the content of your dissertation. It should connect well to the matter discussed in the dissertation and be reasonably explanatory of the same. Do not elaborate on anything. You do not need to mention the methodology or the conclusion in your title. What you project in the title is your theory or your research question. But, again, do not put forth the question itself as the main title. It can be the sub-title but the main title should not be in the interrogative voice. It should be a statement, which reflects the objective of your research, clearly and precisely. The main title and the sub title should not be the same. It should not convey the same matter either. The sub-title should be more elaborate than the main title. The main title should contain only a part of the information given in the sub title. In usual conditions the main title would form the second half of the sub title.

A good dissertation title should be independent, concise and should project the objective of the research. Consider all the above mentioned aspects before choosing the title. If you need any more help with your dissertation, our writers shall be able to assist you.