Sociology, the science of social behavior and social nature offers a wide range of topics for research. The topics are never-ending for the reason that society is something that is evolving constantly in its nature and needs. Hence the topics keep coming back for research to meet the fresh social requirements. Sociology or social science studies all aspects that can be related to the social life of a human being. And considering the fact that the very existence of humans is dependent on the society he lives in, it is quite evident that there will be no dearth of topics for research in the subject. It need not be very difficult to choose a dissertation topic in sociology as long as you are sure of where your interests rest.

While choosing your dissertation topic, remember to refer to the clauses in the guidelines. Even the best of topics wouldn’t be accepted if it doesn’t fit into the guidelines. You can approach the subject from various angles as sociology is one subject that easily links with most of the other subjects.

  • The influence of myths on society: The mythological beliefs of a society influence its behavior to a wide extent. You can consider studying the various mythological aspects which gets rooted in the society and influences its behavior.
  • The status of women: Women are considered inferior in most societies. Some societies prove flexible enough to accommodate the new ideas on how women should be given an equal status. But not all societies agree to change their attitude. It is a topic with a lot of scope in today’s world where women liberation has become an active movement. You can research on the base of the wrong attitude and what can be done to better the situation for women in that society.
  • Abortion: The favorite topic for researches in many subjects and one of the most controversial topics that exist today, abortion is also studied from a sociological point of view. Society and the pressure it puts on women plays a big part in the rising number of abortions in today’s world. With absolutely no regard to whether an unmarried mother is a victim of circumstances or rape, most societies look down upon them. You will even find societies where single mothers are prosecuted. It will prove an excellent dissertation topic with a lot of practical value.
  • A comparative study of urban and rural societies: It will be a very interesting topic to research on but consider the deadline as it will not be a quick or an easy task.

These are just a few suggestions of the topics you can consider for your dissertation writing project. When you start looking around for dissertation topics in sociology you will find a list long enough to take you days to cover. There will be many topics which are much more complex and which will suit a more sophisticated audience. Just make sure that the topic you choose is something you can handle within the given time. You must check out some dissertation or research paper samples to get an idea of how much effort is involved in developing a topic into a dissertation. If you need help with finding a topic, get help from your instructor or professional academic writers.

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