Dissertation topics are always difficult to choose. And even after much trouble there are very few to manage to choose the best one for them. The first step to finding the right topic for you is to consider which particular aspect of the subject you are interested in. While studying literature you are most probably going to face the trouble of finding suitable topics for your dissertations and research papers. Only an accurate judgment of what you want to do and what you can manage to do will enable you to choose the most suitable topic.

Literature holds an inexhaustible list of topics for research. You will find topics which suits all kinds of researchers as well as all types of assignments. Listed below are some options of dissertation topics in literature.

1. Region specific: Literature is always specific to either the country of its origin or the region to which it belongs. An analytical study of the literature of a specific region or a comparative study of the literary works of two countries can be considered as a topic option for your literature dissertation. You can also choose to study the evolution that a particular country’s literature has gone through.

2. Genre specific: Literature is rich in the variety of the collection of its works. Each genre is totally unique with its own writing method and specifications. You may choose to study a particular aspect of any of the genres in detail and prepare your dissertation on it. Try to choose one such feature which is not too obvious or which has not been discussed too often.

3. Work specific: Literature is a fathomless sea of creative works. Each work is special in its own way. You can pick one particular work as your dissertation topic. It does not matter if the work you choose is a famous one or not. You can always make it famous through your study of it. Famous works might look appealing but the disadvantage of choosing a famous work is that it would already have been used many time before. Unless you have a fresh view to present, it may not prove to be an interesting discussion. But if you do have something interesting to present, a famous work would be an excellent option to study for your dissertation.

4. Author specific: The list of authors in English literature is as long as that of the listed works. Hence, if you enjoy learning more about the authors in literature you can choose one of them as your dissertation topic. You can study the achievements, failures, strengths and weaknesses of the author, for the purpose.

The dissertation topic you choose will only be as good as your presentation. Even the most unappealing topics can be made interesting if you know how to present it well. Even though this is applicable to all subjects, it is even more so for literature projects.

Choosing a dissertation topic in literature can be tough. But a wise choice can make your dissertation writing process enjoyable and less stressful. Good writing is a trick with words. If you learn the trick of using words powerfully and efficiently, half the stress will be taken off your assignments. Checking out dissertation or research paper samples will help you in figuring out how a topic can be handled well.