Mathematics is one of the most interesting subjects to those who have an aptitude for the subject. It is also one of the most researched subjects as mathematical problems mostly lead to another as the previous one gets solved. It is quite interesting to pursue mathematical problems. It is equally fascinating to consider mathematical solutions for your everyday issues. If you are reading this, you must either be someone who is enchanted by mathematics or someone who is trying to make sense of the subject. Either way, a discussion on possible dissertation topics in the subject should be of some use to you.

Mathematics offers a wide range of topics for research, both in pure and applied mathematics. You will find many topics listed on the internet as well as libraries. It is up to you to choose one that fits well into the guidelines as well as suits your interests. You can look for math dissertation topics in areas like:

• Aspects related to mathematics in relation to physics – Almost all subjects often use mathematics for research methods as well as solutions. But physics is one subject that is very closely linked with mathematics. Physics is so much influenced by mathematics that it has branched out as a separate division of study called mathematical physics. You will find various dissertation topics for your math project, in this section.

• Computing: Another science which is fully dependent on mathematics is computer science. Math has a very strong hold on computing and for the same reason computer science is incomplete without mathematics. You can consider topics which are from the mathematical perspective of computing for your dissertation.

• Mathematical formulas: An all-time favorite of researchers, this topic can be studied from the perspective of pure as well as applied mathematics.

• Mathematical logic: This section of mathematics deals with logical mathematical solutions. The theories developed by this branch of mathematics are highly favored by computer science and many other subjects which are dependent on mathematics. This section will offer you a good variety of dissertation topics to choose from.

• History of mathematics: The subject of mathematics didn’t materialize in a second. It has taken years for it to evolve into something which can do wonders to the very survival of the universe. It will be very interesting to study the stages through which it has passed and the process of its evolution.

• Mathematics and philosophy: Even though both the subjects sound like the two ends of a pole, they are surprisingly linked together. It is indeed strange that philosophy, which is the vaguest of sciences, could in anyway be linked to a subject as precise as mathematics. For the same reason, it will be quite interesting to pick a topic from the category for your dissertation writing project.

It is not an easy job to find a suitable dissertation topic in mathematics. Studying research paper samples and evaluating your skills in the area would help you in the task to a great extend. If you wish to avail of any help with finding a good topic for your math dissertation, our writers shall be able to assist you.