How to identify a good dissertation topic

Dissertations are an unavoidable part of higher education. And as in any academic assignment, the topic you choose for your dissertation will play a very significant role in the outcome of your paper. Dissertation is a research based assignment and for that reason, it is extremely necessary for you to be careful with the choice of your dissertation topic. There is absolutely no dearth of good research topics in any subject. But not all good topics would be suitable for your dissertation.

The specifications of a good topic

Irrespective of your subject of study, you will most certainly be handling at least one dissertation if you are planning to pursue your subject to higher levels of education. In fact, a successful dissertation adds a lot of weight to your credentials. You will find numerous topics listed as available for research. Whether you are looking for literature topics, history topics, science topics or computer research paper topics, you will be looking at a frightfully long list of topics. How would you identify the best dissertation topic from such a long list? There are certain aspects which qualify a topic as suitable for a dissertation.

• The scope of the topic: A lot of time, money and effort go into a dissertation project. Hence, choose topic with enough practical value so that the effort you put into it will be well-rewarded.

Dissertation Topics• The novelty of the topic: There are certain topics which carry a lot of demand but are used too often for researches. It is very difficult to generate curiosity in your audience with such topics. A topic which is rarely used will naturally raise curiosity among the audience.

• The availability of good research problems: Some dissertation topics, which are highly in demand, get totally drained of all the interesting research problems as researchers solve those problems. Hence, before choosing a topic, go through the available research problems on the topic and see if there are any which are of high scope.

• Your strengths and shortcomings: Nobody can handle all kinds of topics with the same level of efficiency. Everyone has their strengths and weak points. A topic which will highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses will be the most appropriate one for you.

• Your existing knowledge of the topic: Dissertation projects normally stretch very long; but you would not want to give it reason to stretch any further. Choosing a topic which is totally unfamiliar to you will make your project drag on endlessly as you will need to learn about it from scratch. That will risk you missing the deadline over and over again. A familiar topic will be easier for you to handle, when you are aiming at a particular deadline.

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