Each student has a different manner of handling their academic writing assignments. It is fine to do it according to individual preferences as long as it does not affect the final result. Some students take the trouble to pay attention to even the finest details of their assignments. But not all students have the patience for that. There are certain parts of their dissertations which students do not take seriously enough. The dissertation title is one of those that gets ignored very often.

Research paper writing is an assignment which takes time to complete. And most research paper assignments come with a reasonable gap from the day it is given till the deadline. It has been planned like that for many reasons. The main reason is that you are supposed to do every part of it with utmost care. And for this, you need time. But the time is, most of the time, badly utilized and this leads to poorly written research papers.

The first thing that catches the eye of your professor is the title. So, if you wish to get that first good impression, the best way to achieve it is to find an interesting title for your dissertation.

Your title should be something that will do justice to the content. While reading through your assignment, your professor should be able to relate to the title instead of being left to wonder what the title has got to do with the content. Since titles are usually not complete sentences, it should be made simple enough for the reader to understand.

There is no method to explain what an interesting dissertation title would be, as it depends highly on the subject and topic you are handling. Try not to use titles which are used regularly. For example, if you are preparing a dissertation on global warming, do not give it titles like ‘Global Warming and its Risks’ or ‘Global Warming – A threat to the existence of the world’. These are titles which are very commonly used for articles and books on the subject and hence will not help to generate much interest in the reader.

Since nobody can suggest a title without knowing the topic of research, it will be completely up to you to find a good title for your dissertation. Depending on the particular topic that you are dealing with, think of a title which will be closer to the content than a general title like that mentioned above.

But you should not give away much, either. The title needs to be very precise and secretive to a certain extent. If the reader gets a full idea of the content or if the title is too revealing, it is possible that they lose interest in reading on. Your aim is to make the reader eager to read your research paper or thesis report. So be precise and use the best part of your research to craft the title.

Understand that dissertation titles have the advantage of being on the first page of your assignment. Hence give it the due attention and make the best of it. Remember that it plays a big role in creating the first impression. A good title can do wonders to your dissertation.