Tourism Dissertation

Advantages of choosing tourism as a dissertation topic.

Choosing to do a tourism dissertation comes with many positive aspects compared to the topics from other categories. Even so, it involves a lot of research before and after the selection of the topic.

The most important factor to consider, before finalizing on your choice of topic is, of course, your interest in the subject. If all you care about tourism, is catching some ‘sun and sand’ or ‘snow and ski’ or yet ‘rains and greens’, then it is better to just drop the idea of writing a tourism dissertation and find another suitable topic that amuses you. But if you think you might be interested in knowing how deep the roots of this industry runs and where all it runs, then you should consider choosing it as a dissertation topic for your thesis.

The first matter to be taken into consideration is whether you wish to research a topic of more theoretical value or one with more practical value. Tourism is an industry with lots of facets and angles. A very interesting subject to handle, it not only offers scope for applying your theory, it also involves a greater challenge than many other subjects.

The main fact that you should understand before you hunt for a suitable topic to research, in the tourism industry, is that there are a lot of factors that contribute to this industry which is the base of the very economy of many countries.

The growth of tourist industry depends on a country’s scenic, natural, environmental, mythological, social, political, economical, infrastructural and technical resources. Even one element which gives a negative impression can affect the industry’s development. Since different countries have different levels of each factor, the development strategies and practical methods for the growth of the industry changes accordingly.

For example, some countries like Kenya, with an abundance of scenic resources on which the industry could have been built on, crumble under the pressure due to the existence of negative and unstable political factors. Hence, as far as tourism topic is concerned topic related to all factors carry equal importance.

Tourism dissertation, unlike other subjects, provides the option of the usually impossible task of blending holiday and work, each helping the other. You could choose a topic on the various issues that are related to your favourite destination and take a holiday there which you can combine with your research paper preparation.

All the same, if you are not prepared to travel to the country that is related to your topic, almost all the basic data on all countries is available on the internet. As tourism is one of the most discussed subjects online, information on the experiences of tourists from all over the world is also easily available on the internet. There are thousands of websites, dedicated to providing all the necessary information for tourists, which might prove helpful in developing your thesis.

Since people from all over the world come together on the internet to share their experiences, you also get an idea of how people of different nationalities respond to the tourism of a particular place, which will give you more insight into the subject you choose.

Considering all these facts, it is obvious that tourism dissertation can be an interesting and easily researchable subject with a lot of options to choose from. But it is necessary to remember that the basic things to be taken into consideration while choosing a topic remains the same, even for a topic on tourism – the time factor, availability of research materials and your level of interest in the topic.

Also, there are websites which offer help in preparing research papers, in all available topics, which is something you should most certainly check out.