While standing at that point in life where you are supposed to pick the foundation for your higher studies, it is most natural to feel confused and worried about the decision you are about to make. Knowing that a wrong decision can cost you not just a good deal of money but also precious years of your educational life makes it even more difficult. But if you manage to focus on your career objectives, choosing your course subjects will not be difficult anymore. There are certain points to be considered while choosing your A-level courses.

• Which are the subjects you are really good at?
• Does it match with your career interests and goals?
• Or do you have conflicting skills and interests? If yes then prioritize your requirements.
• Are you willing to put in extra effort to develop your skills enough to make it possible for you to       pursue your interests?
• Or would you rather go where your skills would take you, even if it is a career which doesn’t appeal much to you?

A-level courses come in various subjects to suit the requirements of higher studies in all sectors. You will have some options for the subjects to choose for the course you take up. If you wish to pursue science subjects for higher studies, then you should choose subjects which would aid you in reaching your goal.

• Biology: This would give you the base to pursue a career in medicine or if you wish to specialize in any of the related subjects like zoology, botany or genetic sciences.
• Psychology: It is an interesting subject if it interests you to go deep into the complexities of human mind.
• Physics: It is not an easy subject to study. But if you are good at the subject, it is one of the most interesting science subjects and one with unlimited scope in the job market.
• Mathematics: It has been established that every phenomenon on earth can be explained using figures. Mathematics is an inevitable part of day to day life. If you decide to pursue maths for higher studies it will offer you various career options to choose from. But unless you are really good with your numbers and figures, it may not be the ideal choice for you.
• Computer Science: This will be necessary to be studied along with mathematics if you wish to pursue a career in Information technology or become a computer professional.
• Chemistry: This is a very interesting science subjects. It is not only good when standing alone but it also complements other science subjects like biology and physics.

The subject options of the various A-level courses change slightly depending upon the university and the course objective; so does the assessment methods. Certain subjects have written assessment methods like essays and research papers and certain other subjects involve coursework along with the writing assignments. Every aspect of the particular course should be taken into consideration before you decide to join that course.