A-level courses work as a stepping stone to your higher educational pursuits. It often happens that you wish to do something with your life but end up doing something totally different from what you had wanted to do. There is nothing much you can do about the unexpected things that come up. It is up to you to do the best you can to get to your preferred career point, whether you succeed in it or not.

Choosing the most suitable subjects for your A-level courses influences your further educational and professional success. Hence you should consider all the aspects related to each course and the options of subjects before finalizing your choice. If you have an aptitude for arts or commerce, you may take a look at the following options:

• Accounting and commerce / Banking and finance / Economics: These subjects would aid you if you wish to pursue a career in banking or financial management. You will have to be very good with your mathematics to be able to excel in this subject.
• Sociology: It is an area of expertise which is quite in demand now. An A-level course in sociology will give you a sound understanding of the social aspects like culture, education, political and social connections, criminology and other sociological principles. It will qualify you to do higher studies in sociology.
• Languages: There are courses for many languages like English, Spanish, German, French etc. A good flair for language is a must for being able to perform well in language courses. These courses will lead you to careers in journalism, advertising, media and communication. There is also a separate course for English literature if you are keen on pursuing it as the main subject for your degree course.
• History: To complete a course in history successfully you need to be very good with names and dates. The successful completion of this course will enable you to study history for your higher education.
• Law: It is one of the most preferred educational fields as well as a favorite career option for many students. An A-level qualification in law will make it possible for you to go ahead with your law education and establish your career in the field.

There are also courses which offer A-level qualifications in other subjects like religious studies, geography and art history. You will have to choose your subjects according to the qualification requirements for the subject you wish to take up for your higher studies.

Unless you have a clear idea of what you are aiming at, you will not be able to choose the best subjects for you. And if you choose subjects which you are not good at, you will find it difficult to handle the various assignments included in the assessment methods of the A-level course. Most art subjects include not just essays and research papers but also the coursework on the given subject or specified topic. Remember that the best way to excel in your course is to choose a subject which suits you well enough.