If you are standing at that point between two levels of education, you might most probably be facing the challenge of admission into a new school or university. If it is a renowned educational institution that you wish to join, then it will indeed come as a challenge. Mainly because you will have to first prove yourself to even be able to get admitted to that school or university. And there are also times when your previous academic results alone will not help you achieve your dream. Your potential is initially judged by the admission essay you forward to the admission committee of the institution you wish to join.

It is very important to put together a very impressive essay for this purpose because if it is not up to the standard they expect, you shall not even be given another chance to prove yourself. Hence make sure that your admission essay is one of those which stand out due to the impressiveness of its content.

Writing about your own skills, virtues and vices is almost always a difficult task because when you are talking about your own talents, you can sound conceited and while discussing your flaws you can be misinterpreted as a very insecure person. The challenge here, is to write about your skills in such a way that you just sound confident but not arrogant and present your downside in such a way that it will sound just modest and ignorable in comparison to the positive side you have projected.

You can initially divide your essay into two parts, one to talk about your caliber and the other to touch on your weak spots. You should then note down the points you would like to mention under both these sections of your essay. Make sure that you have more virtues to claim than vices. Exaggerate the former and make the latter sound trivial. If you manage to do that then that itself will impress the committee enough to feel that you are worthy of being a part of their institution.

If, unfortunately, you end up having a longer list of your weaknesses compared to that of your capabilities, you will have to project those few positive aspects in such a way that the longer list of negative points will still look weak after they are through with reading about your potential. Basically, it is all about how you present yourself. And someone who can project the positive without hiding the negatives can never be rejected.

You should never take a chance with your admission essay. It could cost you more than a few pennies or a few minutes to be refused an admission.

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