It is delightful to read or learn a play by William Shakespeare. And you will be learning many of them if you are pursuing English literature as a subject for higher education. You will be doing many types of assignments on Shakespeare’s plays through your curriculum. This will include research papers, essays and term papers on different topics related to his works. An essay on Antony and Cleopatra is a possible topic you will have to deal with as it is one of the most famous and discussed works of Shakespeare.

The play revolves around the love affair between Marc Antony, one of the Roman triumvirates which ruled the western world at the time and Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt. Antony has been neglecting his duties towards his country and his wife, to spend time with Cleopatra. His love for her even stops him from meeting the messengers who come for him from Augustus Caesar.

Caesar is upset because of Antony’s attitude towards his duties and calls him back when Pompey tries to take over Rome. Antony comes back to Rome after his legal wife passes away and for the purpose of patching up with Caesar, agrees to marry his sister Octavia. But he does not succeed in forgetting Cleopatra.

At the closest opportunity he leaves Octavia and goes back to Cleopatra. Augustus Caesar takes it as an insult and declares war on himself and Cleopatra. Cleopatra urges Antony to opt for war on sea even though Caesar’s navy is very efficient. Antony, blind as he was in his love for her, agrees to it against the opinion and warnings by his associate and friend Enobarbus.

Half-way through the war it becomes evident that Caesar will win. Cleopatra deserts Antony and flees with her fleet. Antony is forced to follow her even though he is shocked and angry at her cowardly behaviour. The rest of his army is disgusted by this act of cowardice and they renounce him and join Caesar.

Even though Antony is enraged by Cleopatra’s act, it takes only a few words of apology from her to make him forgive her. And he continues his battle with Caesar. Cleopatra again flees, leaving Antony alone and this time Antony is extremely annoyed by her act of betrayal and vows to kill her. On hearing this Cleopatra runs to her tomb and sends word to Antony through messengers that she has committed suicide and waits to know how Antony takes the news.

Antony is devastated by the news and stabs himself but does not die. He makes his soldiers carry him to Cleopatra’s tomb. They exchange vows of love before he dies. Cleopatra also commits suicide soon by making poisonous asps sting her, more out of fear of what Caesar would do with her than love for Antony.

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