Understanding the APA essay format

The APA style is the widely accepted format for the documentation of psychology and social sciences. As in the case of any research paper documentation styles, the APA style also has its own rules and methods for formatting academic and scholarly documents. Even though it is mostly used for psychology and sociology, you cannot rule out the possibility of instructors of other subjects asking for an essay or research paper in APA style. When asked to prepare an essay in the APA essay format, it will help you to know certain basic aspects about the style rules and guidelines.

The basics of APA documentation format

There is a basic structural format for an essay which will not need to be altered with the style. Documentation styles concentrate on the presentation methods and on organizing the most important points in an essay or research paper. It also sets a common platform for the presentation of the data. It also serves the purpose oAPA Essay Formatf making the print legible and easy on the eyes of the reader. The unique features of the APA essay format are as follows:

• The running head: The title page contains information on the author, the course, the name of the instructor, the date and the title. In addition to these pieces of information, the APA format also employs the use of a running head which is a part of the complete title. This part should be one that makes complete sense while standing on its own. The running head is repeated in all consecutive pages also, on the top right hand corner, with the purpose of reminding the author of the topic of discussion. For example, if the complete title is “An analytical study of the causes behind the rising post-natal mortality rate in Africa”, the appropriate running head would be, “the post-natal mortality rate in Africa”, as that is the main focus of discussion.

• The citation format: The APA essay format requires two types of citations – in-text citations and a separate bibliographical reference section. The in-text citations are in the (author, date) format. The separate bibliography section is to be given the heading of “References” and must be organized in the alphabetical order of the surnames of the authors, typed in double-spaced lines. Do not use footnotes for reference purposes in APA format as it is strictly forbidden.

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