An effective argumentative essay example

What is an argumentative essay? Here you are talking about a disputable issue and not about a clear statement. The task of it is to show that your estimation about some issue is sounder than the opinions of others. Despite the fact that the art of argumentation is a hard nut to crack, every student is expected to handle assignments of argumentative nature. When writing this essay, you should practice in making analytic, compelling arguments. Many people might think that essay projects and argumentative essays are of the same league but it is not true. The difference will be clear for you if you refer to a good argumentative essay example.

The essential elements of an argumentative paper

  • The topic. Make sure there is something you can argue about. Your position should be balanced with clear justification. You should not use a question as a thesis for your essay. Direct attention to the fact that the topic should be constrict. Also make sure that you can support it with statistics, source citations etc. The topic you choose must have the potential to invite discussion. Here you can find multiple good research topics.
  • Evidences. You should use the most reliable and relevant evidences you can. You should be able to use facts, statistics and research findings.
  • References. You should refer to a minimum of 4 sources. They must be fully relevant to the topic.

The argumentative essay example would give you an idea of the basic factors of the argumentative essay.

The specifications of an argumentative essay

Firstly, it should contain denial of the opposition’s arguments. Here you may use the following strategies:

  • Completely disagree
  • Compromise but prove that the opponent’s argument is not strong enough

Secondly, anticipate the opposite thinking. Show the audience what is wrong with the opposite confirmations.

Next, you should use target signposts. They will help your audience to follow the arguments easily.

In conclusion you should involve the audience. Summarize the main points and tell why your opinion makes more sense.

Avoid faulty supports such as:

  • Emotional arguments
  • Hasty judgments
  • Unreliable sources
  • Wandering off the theme

Referring to argumentative essay examples is not enough for writing excellent argumentative papers. First of all argumentative writing can explain the process of reasoning of your opinion. Without it you would not be able to succeed in writing argumentative essay. Remember that writing the absorbing essay needs a lot of practice and appropriate skills.

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