An impressive argumentative essay example

No academic assignments come out well when handled in a hurry; they are meant to be handled patiently. Argumentative essays are among the most common type of projects assigned to students of all levels. And they are also among the toughest of assignments. If you go through an argumentative essay example, you will understand that there is much more to an argumentative essay than the stating of an interesting thesis.

The specifications of an argumentative essay

If you check the statistics, you will find that there are more students searching for argumentative essay examples and persuasive research paper samples online than those searching for samples of other types of research papers. That is mainly due to the fact that winning or proving an argument in writing is much more difficult than doing it verbally.

Many students find it tough to get a grasp of the concept of written arguments and the technique of persuading through words. There are certain aspects which are vital to the success of an argumentative essay.

argumentative essay examples• A topic which can have conflicting arguments. A topic with no scope of a counter argument does not qualify as an argumentative topic. And, you must note that only topics with high scope attract conflicting opinions. A good example of an argumentative topic is, ‘Should women be exempted from death penalty?’

• A thesis which attract disagreements. The obvious solution to a problem cannot be an argumentative thesis. An argumentative thesis must be able to generate counter argument.

• Strong and credible sources to support the thesis. While you are a scholar, your argument will have no credibility standing on its own. You will need the support of credible, known sources to prove your argumentative thesis.

• Conclusive evidence. The easiest way to win an argument is to present strong evidence. One good piece of evidence would be able to show your audience, what might take you many pages to tell.

• Skillful use of language. You can never win an argument by plainly stating what you believe in. You will need to use bold, confident and persuasive tone in speech or writing, while presenting an argument. If you are not sure of how to bring persuasive tone into your writing, check out some good argumentative essay examples.

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