Tips on how to read the book for the book report

In a book report, you will be giving a summary or synopsis of a particular book. This is one exercise you will be doing quite often if you are an English literature student. There are certain things you can keep in mind before starting to read the book you are about to write the report on.

If you have been given the option to choose a book, then you can call yourself lucky. There can be nothing better than getting a chance to choose the book yourself. It will be much easier than being forced to write on a book you might happen to dislike.

But there is no escaping it if your professor decides to see your report on a particular book and that book turns out to be one that you are not interested in. This is the time you will need to try some techniques to bring out the best into that book report. If you have been given the name of the book, then you, apparently, need not waste time on deciding which book to write on. So use this time for better purposes.

Reading a book once will not be enough to give you a complete knowledge of the book. You should read it at least twice, before starting to write your report. The first time you read it, it better be a relaxed reading where you will be able to take in the main details and outline of the book. There is no point in trying to stuff all the work into the first reading because this will divert your focus from reading which will in turn result in you losing the continuity of events. So make sure you have kept aside enough time to read the book at least twice before starting to write your book report.

Whereas the first reading must be a casual one, the second time you read it, you should note down the points in a separate book or sheet. By the time you are through with the second reading, you should have enough material to form an outline of the report. Just because you have read the book once already, do not neglect the second reading. You should not miss out on any important points.

A few things which should be noted down are:

 o The details on the author, genre, title and publication
o The context in which the book was written
o The opening chapter
o The concluding chapter
o The name and roles of characters if it is a story
o The central plot or theme, whichever is applicable

Even though these are the common things to be noted, the points that need to be picked, change according to the book given.

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