One of the projects you will be handling during your academic curriculum is that of writing book reports. It is, as the name goes, a report or a summary or synopsis of a particular book. There are certain things which you can keep in mind while attempting this particular type of assignment, to make a success of it.

If the name of the book has been specified, then you will not have the opportunity of choosing a book you would like to write on. In case you end up with a book which you do not like, you should make sure that your lack of interest in the book does not affect your work.

When you are reading or evaluating a book which you do not like, there are chances of you missing out on important points as the book is not able to hold your interest. Hence, it is important that you should read the book more than once to be able to do justice to your book report. And try to concentrate on what you are reading as you anyway have no way out of it.

In certain cases you will be given the option to choose the book but the genre or author will be specified. If this is the case, then use the opportunity to choose what you like best among the lot. It might not be one that you are particularly fond of but remember you still have something to choose from. Make sure you understand the instructions given in order to make the right choice.

Once you have the book in hand, read it carefully. If you don’t have time to read it again then, as you read on, note down the points which you find important. If you are planning to read it again, then this task can be left for then and the initial reading can be a relaxed one, which is most certainly a better way of doing it than the former one.

Make an outline of the points you have collected to make an interesting framework of the book. This has to be good as this will be the foundation on which your book report will be built. And this indeed, is the stage where you can move the points here and there without much trouble as they will be in a precise form. Once elaborated, it will be much more difficult to rearrange it.

After the outline is done, all that is left is the elaboration of the points. Make sure your report does not convey a completely negative opinion of the book, unless you have been specifically asked to do so. Even if your opinion of the book is negative, you should find something that is positive to contrast the negatives that you are projecting. A fully negative book report will not be interesting to read.

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