Book Reviews are very common among assignments for students. But it is also a skill that is highly in demand in the professional sector. Hence, if you are really good at it, you can consider it as a career option as well. But while still a student, it is important to learn and understand how to write a review, to get through your academic assessments, even if you don’t care to make a career of it.

Book reviews are a type of essay assignment which students get to do very often if they are pursuing English Literature as their main subject. Since there are many types of assignments which carry similar names, it is important to learn the differences between these, in order to avoid any kind of confusion. Book reviews, book reports and book summaries are all assignments which focus on a particular book. It is, therefore, quite possible for a student to confuse between these unless he, or she, knows exactly what the difference is. The best way to figure out is to go by the name. When asked to write a book review on a particular book, remember that it is a review and not a report or a summary.

A book review will focus on your opinion of the book and the author. This type of assignment asks for a critical view of the book in question unlike a book report or a book summary where criticism is not allowed. It is important to remember this one point from the time you start reading the book for the purpose, till you are through with the paper.

To start working on this assignment, you have to first read the book very carefully more than once. You can criticize not only the story line, but all aspects of the book including the technical ones. To start with, you should get a very good idea of the contents of the book. While reading, take a note of all those points worth mentioning in your review.

The story or the content of the book should definitely be included in your essay. You may either divide your book review into separate sections for the positive and negative comments or you may just separate it as paragraphs. What matters is that your review should be easy to follow.

If it is a story, then make sure that you have put in a review of the characters and their roles as well. You are allowed to give your own opinion of the book regardless of whether anyone else agrees or not. Your opinion can be fully negative or positive but it is better to keep a balance between the bad and good opinions to avoid giving the paper a biased or prejudiced look. You should give logical explanations and if possible, examples and extracts from the book, to justify your opinion.

Proof read your essay to make sure that you have got the names of the authors and the characters right. It is very important for you to avoid mistakes while giving a critical view of another person’s book.

Book review is a very interesting assignment but remember to keep enough time aside for it because you will need to read the book several times to be able to judge it well. Only genuine and fair criticism can make a review look impressive.