All types of writing assignments come with certain structural clauses. But there is a basic structure which is mostly the same for all. It consists of an Introduction, description, discussion and a conclusion or an evaluation. Even though the structure is the same, the contents of these paragraphs change according to the paper you are writing. A book report introduction will not be the same as a research paper introduction or the introduction of an essay.

An introduction is where you give the reader an idea of the content of your paper. In this paragraph, which will always be the first one, you will give your reader a brief introduction to the subject you are going to discuss. That makes it one of the most important parts of your writing assignment. In a book report introduction, you have to include certain important facts without which the paper will not make any sense. You should not miss out on any one of them.

These facts are:

  • The author
  • The title
  • The setting
  • The background, if applicable
  • The time or period where the book is set, again only if applicable
  • A one or two line summary of the plot.

While writing the Book report introduction, remember to keep it short and very much, to the point. This is not the place to elaborate and explain any of the points. All those which are worthy of elaborating, can be expanded and discussed in the coming paragraphs. The introduction is expected to be as brief as possible and very crisp.

The author and the title can be included in the same line. For example, “The Good Earth, a novel written by Pearl S. Buck, is famous for its…” This will save you some space to include the rest of the details.

The information on the setting should also be given but again, it should be precise. It is something you will most certainly be discussing in the very next paragraph so there is no need to elaborate on that at all in your introduction. If you do, it might sound repetitive when you actually get down to discussing it. It can be stretched into a line and this line can and should include all the necessary facts about the setting.

The background of the book becomes applicable if you are discussing a story. You can write very briefly about where the story takes place or starts. If the book is set in a particular period of time, that also needs to be mentioned. And do leave space to give a brief insight into the central plot or theme of the book. You can also include the names of the central characters in the introductory paragraph and a one liner on the importance of the part they play in the book, again if it is a story that you are writing the book report on.

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