The Character Analysis of Wang Lung

A character analysis of ‘The Good Earth’ by Pearl S. Buck will require more than an outline study of the book. The book, which has won many awards, is not only famous for its narration but also the depth and variety of characters. Hence it asks for a detailed study of the book before a character analysis is done on it.

If the character analysis is on all the important characters in the book, then the task becomes a bit difficult as you will have to read through the book more than once and figure out which all characters will come first in line and how much space you have for each of them. But if you are asked to do the character analysis of a single character in the story, then you have to study that character to the minutest detail to be able to do justice to your essay. A character analysis of Wang will be a very interesting topic as the story discusses his emotions and character in great detail.

Wang Lung, the Chinese farmer, is the central character of the story. Towards the beginning, we meet him as an extremely simple man, who has very limited expectations from life and has not seen anything beyond his village and the town adjoining it. For him, life is good as long as he has enough gruel to satisfy his hunger. He is not even aware of the luxuries life has to offer.

He is very conservative and tries to follow all that the tradition and customs of his people demand, without complaint. He obeys his elders and is very respectful towards them. He takes very good care of his father till he gets married and the responsibility is taken over by his wife.

One small wish of his is revealed when he asks his father whether the woman his father had chosen for him, a slave from the courts of a rich family, is beautiful. When his father tells him that it is ideal not to have a beautiful slave as she would have been used by all the lords and their servants before she is given away, we see Wang Lung express the hope that she is at least, not disfigured. But his father does not guarantee that either.

His eye for beauty becomes the theme of the second part of the story, quite unexpectedly. In this part, he becomes rich with the money and jewels stolen by O-Lan during a riot. The new found status of a rich man changes his nature beyond what the reader can imagine. Here also the battle between his old simple nature and that of his new arrogance should be included in your character analysis.

Without reading the story at least twice, you will not be able to do justice to the character analysis of The Good Earth. If you are short of time or for any reason, cannot manage to write a good essay on this topic, you are welcome to take help from our professional writers who have been providing custom research papers and term papers and all types of custom writing projects to students.