Choosing a suitable topic is the most difficult part of all writing assignments. Some assignments come with the topic but not all of them do. For assignments which do not mention the topic, the task of finding a good topic rests on the students. Unless you are confident and comfortable with the topic you choose, you will not be able to enjoy writing the assignments. While choosing a contest essay topic, there are a few things which should be taken into consideration.

Contest essays are not always academic. Essay contests happen inside and outside educational institutions. And almost always you have the option to decide whether you want to take part in it or not. Since it is not a forced task, it will be quite interesting to work on it if you manage to find a suitable topic. The guidelines would be the main tool for all writing assignments. It will contain instructions on almost all aspects of the assignments including the topic. It will be mentioned, in the guidelines, as to what kind of topic should be chosen. Your challenge would be to choose a topic that will come within the boundaries of the guidelines. Hence as the first step to choosing the most suitable topic for your contest essay, you should study the guidelines well enough.

Since contest essays are to be judged against one another, it requires a common platform or base to judge it from. For that reason you will be expected to follow the guidelines to the finest points. Not adhering to it would cause your essay to be disqualified. The guidelines on the contest essay topic usually give you a clear idea of what kind of topics will be allowed. But if you have any doubt regarding the instructions, clarify it before closing in on a good topic.

As in any writing assignment, the topic you choose for the essay contest should also be interesting. But the criterion of what an interesting topic is changes from one assignment to the other. This mostly depends on the kind of crowd you will be addressing. When it comes to a contest essay, you will have to judge the suitability of the topic with regard to those whom you are competing with. If your fellow competitors are all from similar age group, you can choose the topic more easily than how it would be if the other participants are from various levels, including those above you.

Choosing a good topic for an essay or research paper is all about evaluating your own strengths and the interests of the proposed audience efficiently. This applies to contest essay topics also. There is nothing that can be qualified as the best topic from all perspectives. There is no particular method that will suit all essay topics either. Each contest essay will be directed at a different angle and the method that suits it will also change accordingly. It is up to you to determine which of the available options will suit you the best. If you need help with finding a suitable topic for your essay, we shall be glad to assist you.