How to write a character analysis

Essay writing is not only a part of a language coursework but it comes in the theory part of almost all subjects. But if you are studying English as a subject, you will be writing many English essays on various topics and sections of English literature.

Character analysis is a topic that often comes up for essays. Sometimes it is a paper on the analysis of all the characters in a story or play but sometimes, you will be asked to analyze one single character from any one of the literary work. The former one is comparatively easier than the latter because in that you will just have to pick the main characteristics of each of the characters. Most probably on such an essay, you won’t need to go deep into each one of the characters unless it is a very long essay that you have been asked for.

It is a much more difficult task to do an analysis of a single character. It will require you to go much deeper into the character and find out even the indirect references to his or her nature and the direct and indirect part that character has played in the story.

If you have the option of choosing the character for analysis, it will be better if you choose the more complex and interesting characters to write on. It might look easier to write on simple and less prominent characters of the story but if you choose one of them, it might be hard to fill the minimum number of sheets and also to hold the interest of those judging your paper. In effect you will end up working equally hard, trying to find enough information on those simple characters, as you would in analyzing a more complex one.

Certain aspects you can touch on are:

• The entry of the character in the story

• The nature of the character

• How the nature of the character is revealed

• The role the character plays in the story

• The peculiar habits of the character, if any

• The symbolic aspects used to define the character

• The changes that the character undergoes, if any.

• The exit, if applicable.

Even though there are no written down rules on the order of placing these facts, it is always better to do it in such a way that links one paragraph to the other. The entry should, most certainly, be mentioned in the first paragraph. But the exit need not necessarily be in the last paragraph. The final paragraph can either be a conclusion or it can even be a review of the role played by the character in the story leading to the conclusion.

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