While discussing the main divisions or genres of English literature, one cannot possibly miss out ‘Satire’. Even though it does not usually come up for detailed study while you learn English as a subsidiary or a language, it will definitely be a part of your syllabus if you are pursuing English literature for higher studies. It can also come up for an English literature essay project or as a topic for a research paper. Let us look at what you can put into your English essay on satire.

Satire is a form of art which uses irony and sarcasm to point out or project something the writer disapproves of. These usually consisted of issues which caused displeasure to many but were not expressed due to various reasons. Satires were most commonly used to express the displeasure the society or certain individuals had in political and social issues. Hence certain sub-sections of Satire also emerged, like ‘Political Satire’. Even though satires can sound comical to those who have nothing to do with the subject, it will not be so for those who are a part of the story related to the theme.

Humor is not a part of all satires even though to save the audience of the boredom caused by the strictly sarcastic presentation, humor is often added to the sarcastic remarks. There is no strict rule for the technique that needs to be followed for Satire. It could be presented through prose or verse, including all its sub-sections like drama, poetry, prose or fiction.

If you are writing an essay or research paper on Satire, you can check out the various satires that belong to different periods, each of which represents the social or political issues of that period. It gives an insight into the kind of society and life that existed during the period to which it belongs, when we read a satire.

Ebenezer Cooke and Benjamin Franklin are two of the many authors who were famous for their use of satire in their works, to point out the flaws in the society and help correct them. Satire has always proved to be much more efficient in conveying a negative aspect than direct criticism. If you are writing about satire, you should read some of the most famous satires in literature and also about the circumstances which led to the creation of those works. You should understand the particular work of satire you are writing about or are planning to use as an example in your essay or research paper, in order to be able to convey how it was used and to show specific examples from these works to prove how effective it was.

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