How to write an essay on ‘My Last Duchess’ by Robert Browning

During your English literature course, you would be studying English poetry in detail. You will be learning about the various types and sections of poetry. Writing an English literature essay or a research paper on a poem can be interesting and challenging at the same time.

‘My Last Duchess’ is a poem which most students would have learned at some point of their education. If you are writing an essay on that poem, there are certain points which you have to mention in your essay without fail.

First of all, you have to decide if you are writing about the poem as an example of a dramatic monologue or if you are writing an essay on the content of the poem. Most English literature students learn this poem as an example of dramatic monologue because it is one of the best dramatic monologues, which has ever been written. The famous poem was written by the great poet Robert Browning, in Iambic pentameter.

It is a beautiful work, in which the story the characters, the nature of the main characters and the story background, are all revealed to us through the words of one person, as is typical of dramatic monologue.

If you are writing on the poem and its meaning, then you can give a summary of the poem, touching all the necessary points, enlightening the reader on the story which is hidden in its lyrics. So considering that it is the content of the poem you are writing about, let us take a look at a brief summary of the poem.

In this poem, we listen to the Duke of Ferrara, the speaker of this monologue; addressing an emissary from his fiancée’s palace, while taking him around to see the duke’s art collection. The Duke unveils a portrait of his ex – wife and announces that no one is allowed to uncover it, but himself. He goes on to talk about what all her imperfections and flaws were.

But as the poem progresses, we learn, to our utter dismay, that what used to annoy the duke was her kindness to others, modesty, appreciation of simple matters and courtesy to those around her. He expresses his displeasure in how she used to give her smile even to the most inferior of human beings, the same smile as she gave the duke. He believes that she must have given that smile to the painter who made that painting also, for him to have been able to capture it so well.

The famous line – “I gave commands; and all smiles stopped together” horrifies the reader who is left to wonder what the commands were. What could it have been, to have stopped the smiles of such a kind and modest a woman?

In this dramatic monologue, each line holds a story. To be able to come out with an exceptionally good essay, you need to study the poem carefully. If you don’t have enough time to give to your research, then you can get anessay custom done for your English literature essay project. You can also get custom research papers or custom term papers done for you by experienced hands.