An Essay on ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens

Essay writing is a part of all courses in education but if you are studying English literature, this becomes something like a regular exercise. You will be writing English literature essays based on many famous books and authors.

While dealing with the prose section, one author whom you will definitely be studying, is Charles Dickens. The most famous of all works by Charles Dickens is his Christmas story of ‘A Christmas Carol’. This was the first best seller in the category. Before writing your essay on the book or any of its characters you should have an idea of what the story is about. Let us take a look at the story outline of ‘A Christmas Carol’.

The story opens on the Christmas Eve. The main character of the story, Ebenezer Scrooge is a miser who is very selfish and hates Christmas. The ghost of his partner Jacob Marley who has been ordered to wander earth, covered in heavy chains, as a punishment for his sinful life visits Scrooge to warn him of such a fate if he continues to live such a sinful life.

Scrooge is next visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, a ghost that has the appearance of a child. The ghost takes Scrooge along to his past where his greed and love of money made his friends and fiancée leave him. Scrooge now sees his own life from a totally different point of view.

The next ghost to visit him, the ghost of Christmas present accompanies Scrooge to the festivities of that year’s Christmas. Scrooge sees how other people are sharing love and goodwill and regrets his way of life.

The next ghost, the ghost of future Christmas takes Scrooge to a Christmas that was yet to come. He sees the crowd discussing the death of some person whom everyone seemed too glad to be rid of. The wealth and possessions of the dead man was being distributed and Scrooge soon learns that the dead man was himself. He is shocked by what was to come and swears to change his ways.

The ghost disappears and Scrooge finds himself back in his bed. Relieved that he still has his chance, he rushes out to join the festivities much to the surprise of everyone. Thereafter he lives a good life, helping all those in need, liberally and celebrating his Christmas with everyone else.

This is the thinnest possible outline of the beautiful work by Dickens, which conveys a great lesson. If you are studying this book to write an essay on it, then you need to understand each of these characters and be able to elaborate on each of them. Each of the ghosts and their appearance are symbolic and to do justice to your essay you study each of them carefully.

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