Othello, the third of the four most famous tragedies by William Shakespeare, is one of the most beautiful of his works. It has been read, discussed, written about and learned over and over again by millions of people all over the world. It is one subject that keeps coming up for essays, research papers and annotations.

To write an essay or research paper on the book, it is necessary to understand the basic outline of the story. It is also necessary to know the characters well.

In Othello, the central character is, of course, of Othello, a noble Moor. The story moves around his love for Desdimona who becomes his wife in the first part of the play. Their love for each other, which is true and heavenly, ends in a big tragedy.

We meet, as the play begins, a cunning and ruthless and manipulative man called Iago, who is solely responsible for the tragedy of the black Moor, Othello. Iago, who is bitter about Othello promoting Cassio as lieutenant instead of himself, decides to take revenge upon Othello and uses a wealthy venetian gentleman called Roderigo who is madly in love with Desdimona.

Iago uses almost all the other characters in the play, to achieve his evil ambition. He does not even spare his own naïve wife, Emelia. She too, plays a vital part in the plot that is planned by Iago.

Then there is Roderigo, a foolish but rich man, who, even on not being able to trust Iago fully, falls for his evil plans against Othello, believing throughout that he will be rewarded with the love of his life, Desdimona, if he join hands with Iago.

We also see a lot of Cassio, who is a very good gentleman, trusted and respected by Othello. But he loses all the good will of Othello when he falls for Iago’s false friendly pretences. He, unknowingly, becomes the reason for the tragedy. He survives the plot in which Iago had planned to kill him too.

But Roderigo, Emelia, Desdimona and Othello were not so lucky as Cassio. Roderigo and Emelia are killed by Iago and Desdimona gets murdered by Othello himself. The story ends with the tragedy of Othello committing suicide due to the guilt of having murdered his loyal and loving wife.

Each one of these characters is as complicated as the plot itself. It takes a lot of effort to do justice to doing character analysis on any of these characters or writing on the very plot itself. Once you start writing, you will see that each of Shakespeare’s lines, as in all his other works, is worth a paragraph each.

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