Writing an Essay on A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities is one of the most famous literary works of all times, written by none other than the even more famous writer Charles Dickens. Writing an essay on A Tale of Two Cities can be challenging considering the complexity and depth of narration.

The story, written in 1859, was published as three parts in three weeks. It opens in the year of 1775 and stretches through another 20 years. It is set in London and France and is about the brutal nature of the aristocrats of the period and the oppression and related sufferings of the peasants. It also portrays some of the nature and tactics of some of the revolutionaries.

The books also contain a very touching love story which involves three people. The first of them, Charles Darnay, belongs to a family of aristocrats but has detached himself from them, out of hatred for their ways and brutality of nature. He falls in love with and marries Lucie Manette, daughter of Dr. Manette. The third character in this love story is Sydney Carton, a British barrister who has lived a bad life but wants to redeem himself and who vows to do everything he can to make sure that Lucie gets to live a happy life.

There are many other prominent characters in the story. Dr. Manette, is one of them. He was wrongly convicted as a result of a plot by Darnay’s father and uncle, who were mean and ruthless. They had sent him to prison on wrong charges to make sure that he won’t give them away for the crime of raping a peasant girl and killing the rest of her family. Dr. Manette was the only one who was aware of the crime as he was called in to examine the victims. Dr. Manette goes insane due to the hardships he face during his imprisonment. As the story moves on he gets better under the care of her daughter who had once believed him to be dead but finds him with the help of the Defarges, who form a very important part of the central theme.

The story ends with Carton sacrificing his life to save Darney for the sake of his love for Lucie Manette and expresses how it has given him the kind of pleasure he has never known, to sacrifice himself for the cause of love. The readers’ sympathies lie with him from the beginning to the end. The story involves a lot of trials in which we witness the devious nature of some of the spies of the time and we also see how biased and unfair the laws of the time were, when Darnay is convicted for the crimes of his ancestors is ordered to be executed.

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