It is quite a delightful task to learn William Shakespeare’s plays. They are beautiful to read and very interesting to study. For English literature students, it forms a major part of their syllabus. It will also be a part of their literature education to study Shakespeare’s life and his works in detail. While writing an essay on his work for your essay projects, you will need to study the topic or play in question, to the minutest detail. Merchant of Venice is one of Shakespeare’s famous plays, which can come up for your coursework. Let us take a look at its story line, before you start writing your Essay on Merchant of Venice.

The main characters in this story are a respectable gentleman called Antonio, his close friend Bassanio, his lover Portia and a mean and ill-natured jew called Shylock, whose business is to lend money at very high interest rates.

The starting scene of the play finds Antonio, in Venice, in a rather gloomy mood. His friend Bassanio is in need of some money, to marry a wealthy heiress whom he is in love with, called Portia. Antonio doesn’t have any money to spare as he had invested it all in his business. Antonio asks Bassanio to take a loan using his good name.

Bassanio convinces Shylock to lend him money on Antonio’s guarantee. Shylock hates Antonio for many reasons but agrees to give Bassanio the loan against a bond which states that if Antonio does not pay the money back in time, he, Shylock can cut off a pound of flesh from any part of Antonio’s body as he pleases. Antonio, who is expecting his ships to be back before the three months, with his fortune, agrees.
Bassanio wins Portia’s hand in marriage by choosing the right casket which contains her picture. But he learns that Antonio’s ships have gone missing and that Shylock is about to cut off a pound of his flesh as penalty. He leaves everything and rushes to Antonio’s help. He offers Shylock thrice the sum, for him to spare Antonio but the vengeful Shylock says he doesn’t want anything other than a pound of Antonio’s flesh.

Portia who followed Bassanio to Venice, in the disguise of a lawyer, confronts Shylock with a small technicality of the agreement which states that Shylock can only take a pound of flesh but nothing else, not even a drop of blood, from Antonio’s body. As this is impossible, Shylock changes his mind immediately to take the offered amount of thrice the sum due to him but as he had refused everything but Antonio’s flesh in front of the court, Portia charges him with murder attempt and his assets are equally divided between the state and Antonio and Shylock has been asked to convert into a Christian.

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