While writing an essay on a poem, you have to first check if you are asked to write on the content of the poem or the technical aspects of the poem you are supposed to write on. It is important that you understand the question or the topic, to be able to answer it correctly.

For example, if you are writing on the style and structure of the poem, ‘My Last Duchess’, you have to first note what all you need to mention. The few things that you need to write about are the meter of the poem, the type of poetry it is and the rhyme structure of the poem.

‘My Last Duchess’ is a dramatic monologue. In fact most students learn it in the context of learning about this particular style of poetry, as this is one of the most famous dramatic monologues in the history of English literature. So you can write on what makes it a dramatic monologue. You can write about the basic rules that qualify a poem as a dramatic monologue and pick examples from this particular poem to show why and how it fits into the category. You can mention the story line also in a short paragraph, while defining it as a dramatic monologue as the way the story is being told is one of the factors that define a style.

But make sure you don’t get into too much description about the story when what you have been asked to write about is its structure and style. It is a mistake that can happen when the story is too interesting to write about. But it will not serve your purpose to wander off into the story. It is necessary to stick to the question in order to achieve good grades. The story, how much ever interesting it might be, will not help you to score points, if that is not what your professor wants to read about.

Once you have finished writing about the style of the poem, which is dramatic monologue, then there is the meter and the rhyme to be mentioned. The metrical structure of this poem is ‘Iambic pentameter’. You will be expected to write about what an Iambic Pentameter is and how this poem fits into that structure. The rhyme scheme of this poem is heroic couplets. It is necessary to provide details of each of these structural aspects of the poem in your essay.

If you are feeling less confident about writing an essay on a poem or if you are not someone who appreciates poetry enough to write about it or if you simply can’t manage to have it ready by the given deadline, then help is within reach.

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