Writing An Essay on ‘The Good Earth’

You will be doing various writing assignments on various famous books and authors, during your course of study. Out of those, one could be an essay on ‘The Good Earth’ by Pearl S. Buck, a book famous for its narration and theme. This is one topic which can be assured to be interesting, to write on. It is a book that can have you hooked on to it for the beauty of illustration and the depth of characters. It won the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in 1943 and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1944. The book is based on the life of a Chinese farmer called Wang Lung.

While writing the essay on ‘The Good Earth’, pay attention to what has been asked for. It could be a summary of the plot or a character analysis or an essay about the narration or any other aspect of the story. It is ideal that you stick to the question as it will save you a lot of trouble.

Wang Lung is a Chinese Farmer who lives in a village and has not anything beyond the town adjoining his village. They live the simplest of lives, which is all what they seem to be able to afford. Once Wang Lung’s father asks him to go and get the slave he had arranged for him in marriage from the courts of the rich family in the area called ‘The House of Hwangs’.

The story moves on as Wang Lung brings home his wife, O-Lan, who, even though not beautiful, is not disfigured and who is extremely hard working. She helps Wang Lung in his fields and also takes excellent care of his home. She bears him sons and daughters and with her he strives through the ups and downs of his life.

A certain riot in the South, where Wang Lung and his family had taken refuge after the famine in their village, leaves Wang Lung with a lot of money. He returns to his village to find the House of Hwangs in extreme poverty and with the jewels O-Lan had stolen during the riot he buys off all their land and builds himself a big house. The next part of the story explains how money and idleness changes him and his simplicity melts into vanity.

It is sad to see how his attitude towards O-Lan changes with the entry of a third woman – a whore from the town. O-Lan dies after her son is wedded and while in death bed, expresses how hurt she was by Wang Lung’s attitude towards her, even though she took it all silently while she was well.

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