Writing a Book Summary

Essay writing forms a major part of your academic assessment methods. You will be writing many essays on all the subjects you are studying. These essays might vary, not only in the expected content, but also in style and genre also. Understanding the guidelines is the first step to a well-written and interesting essay. One type of essay you might come across will be that of a book summary or a chapter summary. There are certain things that you will have to keep in mind while writing a summary.

If there are any guidelines given, you may write according to that. But if there are no specific instructions on how to go about the given assignment, then there are certain general rules that apply. First and foremost, try and understand what kind of summary has been asked for. Consider whether you have been asked to write the summary of a specific chapter in a book or the summary of a whole book. Or yet, if it is the summary of the life of a particular character in a book.

If it is the summary of a book, you can start your essay by talking about the opening chapter or by quoting the opening line. But keep it in mind that it is a summary. You cannot afford to quote the author too many times or go into the detail of every line. Depending on the size of the book you have been asked to summarize, a maximum number of words that can be submitted will be given. As it would be in proportion to the size of the book, your explanation of the story will have to be limited to the necessary amount of words.

Your rough draft can have all the characters in the story and the part they play in it. While preparing your final draft, you should remove some of the less relevant characters in your essay to fit it into the maximum number of words permitted. But while editing, make sure that none of the necessary characters or parts are deleted. All the relevant characters which are directly related to the main storyline should be mentioned in your summary. The less important characters need to be mentioned only if you have enough space left. A brief explanation of what they have done in the book also could be given if you can accommodate it without exceeding the word limit. Write the summary in the same order as the story is narrated in the book instead of picking parts of it from here and there. It should flow smoothly from the beginning till the end.

To be precise, your summary should be able to give the reader, a good idea of the book and the characters in it, without having to read the entire book. Only then it will be able to serve the purpose of a summary.

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