Writing a Chapter Summary

Essay writing is one of the most common writing projects assigned to students of all academic levels and sections. And for English literature students, it is much more important than how it is for students of other subjects because their proficiency in the language will be assessed through these assignments. It is needless to say how much it will matter to students who are pursuing English as their subject, to prove their skills in the area.

It is always worthwhile to spend some time going through the question you are supposed to answer in your essay or the instruction given about the topic of the essay. While being asked to write a summary of any one of the chapters in a book, the main thing you have to keep in mind is that, a chapter summary is different from a book summary. You have to be very careful about this one clause. It often happens that bits and parts of other chapters also get included in your summary, thus making it look less like a chapter summary and more like a book summary.

In the case of writing a summary of one particular chapter, you should start off with the details on which chapter of which book it is. You could also mention why the chapter stands out from the rest of the chapters of that book. Go on to write about how the chapter opens and which all characters are included in that particular chapter. Make sure that you are not straying off into irrelevant parts of the book. If you do, it will not only waste your space but also make it look like you have not read and understood the instructions properly. And since the words permitted will be limited, you will need all of it for the one chapter you have been asked to summarize.

Remember that the number of words or sheets will be only around one fourth of the size of the chapter or lesser. Hence it is important to keep your writing precise and to the point. Remember to mention all the characters in the chapter and also re-check if the characters you have talked about are all present in the chapter in question. Again, this is a chapter summary and not a book summary so unless it is strictly required, there need not be any mention of the other chapters of the book.

Make your essay flawless and interesting to read by editing and proof-reading it before submitting. As an English literature student, you will be expected to have a way with words. It will be disappointing for your professors if your paper contains only extracts from the book. Write the essay in your own words and try not to use excerpts at all, if possible. Excerpts take a lot of space and does not look impressive in a summary.

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