Writing the Summary of the Life of a Character

Essay Writing sounds simpler than research paper writing or term paper writing. And so it is. But unless you pay attention to the finer points in the guidelines, you might end up with very low marks, or grades, for this relatively simple task.

Almost all forms of writing assignments come with specific guidelines, especially for students of English Literature. Each writing assignment will be a criterion of his or her prowess in the subject. That makes it very important for students who have chosen English literature as their main subject, to pay a lot of attention to the guidelines given for their assignments.

Unlike research paper writing, there is no research involved in essay writing. Writing an essay generally involves, expressing what you know on a particular topic. Many types of writing assignments come under essay writing. Writing a summary is a type of essay where you will be giving the summary of a book, a chapter or the life of a particular character in book, in your own words.

When asked to give the summary of the life of a character in a book, it becomes necessary to understand the role of the character in that book, very well. This could only be accomplished by reading the book more than once. Once you are through with reading, write an outline of the character’s life, as you have understood it. Then you may read the story again, if you have the time, to figure out if you have missed any important point.

Once the outline is done, you should elaborate it into a well-written and interesting summary. You will, most certainly, have to mention the other characters in the book which are linked to the character you are writing on. But make sure that you don’t waste much space talking about the other characters and their roles. Strictly stick to what those characters have got to do with the character in question.

Another thing you need to remember is that, when asked to give a summary of the life of a character, you are not obliged to give a detailed character sketch. You just need to mention the very relevant aspects about the character, which might be necessary to help you move on with the summary.

These are a few points you can include in your summary:

• The chapter where the character makes his or her entry.
• The scene where the character exists, if applicable.
• The nature of the character, very precisely.
• The life of the character as narrated in the story.
• Others who are involved with the character.
• Your opinion on whether the character’s life is a happy one or a tragic one.

After including all these points, if you still have space left, you may talk of other factors about the life of the character. But remember to keep the essay focused on the character you are writing on.

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