There are different types of essays. Each type of essay has its own different purpose. An argumentative essay calls for an argument whereas an analytical essay focuses on the analysis of a particular subject. Another type of essay you might come across is an exploratory essay. This type of writing assignment will require you to collect the necessary information on a question and form it into a well written essay for presentation. It is very important for you to understand the purpose of a particular type of essay to do be able to succeed in writing it well.

Let us take a look at what all you need to keep in mind while writing an exploratory essay. You might be aware that you are required to present an argument while writing an argumentative essay. But while writing an exploratory essay, you are not permitted to do this. Here you are only permitted to collect some information on the question asked and present it in the form of an essay. Remember that you are not to give your essay the tone of confirmation or a final decision because you are not expected to prove anything in this type of assignment.

This leaves you the advantage of not having to run around looking for information to prove your point. All you have to make sure is that the information you give is relevant to the question asked. You may collect as much information on it as is necessary to stretch your essay to the minimum number of sheets or words asked for.

While putting the information together to give it the form of an essay, do it in a legible way. A well-written essay is something that can manage to hold the interest of the reader till the end. A lot of factors like a well-planned structure, flawless language and good narration come together to produce an interesting essay.

An exploratory essay introduction should give the reader an idea of the question asked or the issue addressed. It should be explained in a simple enough manner for the reader to be able to grasp the issue in question. That will make it easier for the reader to follow your essay well. The next paragraphs could explain the cause of the issue or the reason why such a question came up, in the first place. You could also mention where you found the answer to the question or where all you looked for it.

You could then go on to give an idea of the current position of the issue. Here you could suggest who all seem to be affected by that and why it affects that particular group of people or institutions. You could discuss the issue in as much detail as your word limit or page limit would permit. The conclusion will state the findings of your inquiry or research. Remember that you are not obliged to prove anything as long as you have relevant sources to show for the information gathered.

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