Essay writing is an assignment which comes in so many different varieties. It comes, not only with different subject matters but also, with different types of guidelines, each devised to assess a particular skill of the students to whom it has been assigned. Most essay assignments are very interesting to deal with. One such assignment would be a film review. Everyone will be very familiar with the name because it is not something that is limited to academic assessment.

Film review writing is a skill that is much in demand in today’s world because of the number of films getting released and because of the speed with which media is developing. Hence if you figure out how to write a film review, your achievement need not end with your education.

When a film usually comes up for review in relation to an academic project, the first thing you should know is that it has some unique feature. Unlike the professional field where any film that is released comes up for a review, in the academic reviews the films will have some technique or a story line or some other factor which will be of educational value to the students.

Once you get the assignment guidelines, study them carefully. See if you have been asked to give a general review or if there are specific questions to be answered. Before proceeding any further, you have to watch the movie following even the smallest detail. Be warned that it won’t be enough to watch the movie once.

If your professor has specified the questions, you need to repeat watching only those scenes which you need to judge to be able to answer the questions. But if it is an overall review, then you will have to watch the movie several times before being able to get a good idea of what you are going to write about. For a complete review, you are allowed to criticize the story, the actors and anything else that is related to the movie.

Give an introduction which will outline the basic story line and introduce the main characters. You should also mention the names of those who have played the main characters and the names of other important people related to the making of the movie. If the movie has won any awards you can make it the opening line to mention the award it has won.

The body paragraphs can either be divided into separate paragraphs for the positive and negative aspects or you can just mix the pros and cons in a creative way. The first method will be ideal for those who are not sure of their writing skills. But, on the other hand, if you are very good with words, you may attempt the second method. The conclusion should be a summary of all that has been discussed so far. Also, make the concluding line, your opinion about the movie in one sentence.

A film review will be an interesting assignment for those who enjoy writing and for those who have mastered the art of essay writing. But if you are not feeling confident about the task or if you are tight for time to sit and watch the movie so many times, you can consider taking professional help in completing your assignment.