Choosing the topic for an academic assignment is usually something you do after doing some research. You will have at least a few hours to make your choice. But when it comes to a GED essay, choosing a topic is a completely different matter altogether. For the same reason it is necessary to understand the process well before presenting yourself for the GED test.

You do not have to worry about rummaging among the long list of topics when it comes to GED tests as GED essays come with a choice of pre-assigned topics. But it can also be considered a disadvantage as you will not be able to write on just any topic that you are familiar with. You will have to choose one topic from the list of the given topics. Your task is to study all the given topics, which will usually be around five, and choose a suitable one within two or three minutes. There are a few things you should know about choosing the topic.

1. The topic options of a GED essay would be questions based on simple matters. It is meant only to test your language and writing skills. An accurate understanding of the question is what would help you in making a wise choice.

2. Remember that whatever topic you choose, you will have to write on it with the knowledge you have on it. You will have no sources to refer to. It is what you know about the topic and how you develop it into a good essay that would matter.

3. Do not mark your choice until you are sure of it. Once you mark it, you cannot change it. So make sure that the topic you choose is the most suitable one for you before you finalize your choice.

4. Study the question well before choosing it. Even if you are familiar with the topic, you may not be so good with the particular aspect of the topic addressed in the question. So do not make a hasty choice. Study the question well, consider the possibilities of developing the idea and then choose it.

5. Consider your answer to the question. Think of whether it is good enough to make an impact. It is not just enough that you give the answer to the question. You will also have to justify your answer. Sometimes, even if you know the answer to the topic question, you may not know how to explain or justify it. Hence think of whether you can justify your answer before choosing the question.

6. Remember that you have only limited time for writing the GED essay. Hence the topic you choose should be something you can complete within that time.

Choosing the most suitable topic from a list of topics involve quick thinking and efficient evaluation of your own knowledge. You should practice it by asking someone to give you a few topics and choosing one within two or three minutes. Writing a GED essay is all about understanding the question and answering it in an efficient manner. Only by choosing the most suitable topic, will you be able to write your essay in an impressive way. Check out some essay samples beforehand to get an idea of what a good essay should look like.