An introduction to scholarship essays and its objectives

Understanding the objective of a written document is the key to preparing an impressive one. Scholarship essays are written for a completely different objective than that of an academic assignment. This is an introduction to scholarship essay writing, which will help you understand the basics of the document.

Scholarship essays are written for the purpose of getting admission into a college or a particular course, in most cases with financial aid. The main objective of this document or letter is to make the authorities feel that you are worthy of being admitted to the course and of being sponsored. Hence you need to write the scholarship essay with the aim of impressing the authorities. In this introduction to scholarship essays, we will take a look at what all you can do to create the right impression.

• Do not waste space by repeating the information already filled in the form which would be attached to the scholarship essay. The scholarship essay is meant to talk about those aspects about you which are not mentioned in the formal application.

• Highlight your strengths but do not sound conceited. Balancing yourself at the right point where your essay sounds neither unimpressive nor boastful, is the key to making your scholarship essay impressive.

• You are expected to mention your weaknesses as well. But place your negative points or weaknesses in such a way that it sounds negligible next to your positive points.

• You will be applying for a scholarship in a specific subject. So the skills you claim to have must be those related to that particular field of study. For example, while applying for a scholarship to study music, you need not elaborate on your special skills in English.

• Include your achievements in all areas. But project those which are related to the subject you are applying for. You need not present yourself as an all-rounder. If the committee finds you proficient in the subject area you have applied for, they will definitely approve your request.

• If your past achievements in the specific area are not good enough, there is no need to despair. You can explain how you are willing to work hard towards your goal even though circumstances have so far kept you away from it.

• If you have a genuine reason to cite for your unimpressive record in the subject, you may mention it. But do not make your explanation sound like an excuse. Also, do not make it sound like you wish to attract sympathy. It does not work, most of the time.

This, being an introduction to scholarship essays, should have given you an idea of what is expected of you while preparing such a document. Flawless writing and good presentation skills are extremely helpful while handling a scholarship essay. Only through effective writing, you can sound confident and humble at the same time.

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