Writing an essay on a poem

Poetry occupies a huge area in English literature. If you are a literature student, you might often find yourself being asked to write an essay on a poem, for your Literature essay project. If you are not someone who enjoys poetry and the task of interpreting it, you might find it boring to have to elaborate on the poet’s possible thoughts and ideas.

Each country or region has its own poetry forms typical to the place. But generally poetry can be defined as a more decorated way of passing on one’s thoughts to the paper than prose. Meters, rhythm and rhymes give poetry its classifications. But you will also find modern poetry where you do not have to follow any rules or meet any criteria at all to claim your writing to be a poem.

In poetry, the poet gets to use the same words for different purposes by just rearranging them. You will also see that many dramas have also been written in poetical style and the usage of words to give the same line many interpretations is very common in such works. While writing an essay on a poem, you are expected see right through this aspect and present as many interpretations to the line or stanza given, as is possible, if you are aiming for an impressive essay and the highest marks.

Poetry has many sub divisions, which have different names and categories according to their country of origin. In English Literature, poetry is mainly divided into:
• Sonnet
• Ballad
• Elegy
• Ode
• Epic
• Allegory
• Lyric

Each has its own rules and definitions. For example, Sonnets are supposed to be poems of fourteen lines with a specific rhyme structure. Sonnets have further been divided into sections like Shakespearean sonnets or Petrarchan sonnets to make it easy to refer to. You will find that the most famous of its lot are the Shakespearean sonnets.

Each section of poetry has been marked in literature by famous works. Since you can apply your own imagination to interpret the lines assigned for your essay, it can be a very interesting task as long as you are not wandering off the allowed premises of the subject. Direct interpretations never attract much interest when your essay is being judged. What they expect from you, while writing an essay on a poem or a research paper on one, is imagination and creativity.

Looking at another example, the famous dramatic monologue, ‘My Last Duchess’, by Robert Browning, written in Iambic pentameter, is one of those works which the students of literature have been made to learn, worldwide. The direct interpretation is only that of the duke showing his art collection to the emissary from his would-be bride’s court. But you will see that the focus is on one particular painting and how the duke narrates his character and his life with his last duchess. You have to dig deep into each line to analyze and bring out the various facts conveyed through each word.

If you are not sure of being able to do justice to the poem, you may get an expert to write an essay on the poem given to you, for you. You can also get custom research papers, custom term papers etc done on your subjects, according to your own preferences. Make sure that your lack of time or interest doesn’t affect your work.