Narration means presenting a course of events or a chain of related incidents or yet, certain facts which, when put together, can form a story. Any English dictionary will be able to tell you so much about the meaning of the word narration. But if you dig a bit deeper into the word, you will realize that ‘narration’ can be judged by many aspects. And all these aspects will be used to form the criteria for judging a narrative essay.

In a normal essay or research paper, the key to putting together a remarkable piece of work is just a lot of research and some effort on your part to place the facts according to the written down rules for essay writing or research paper writing. But when it comes to writing a narrative essay, you will need a bit more than that. Narration is an art. Hence you should have a flair for narration for your narrative to be interesting, to which you can add some effort and produce a very good essay.

While narrating an incident you should always elaborate on the more interesting facts. The way you narrate also should be interesting to the audience. The narrative style should suit the kind of people you would be addressing. If you are addressing a group of experts on the topic you are writing on, then you will have to write according to their level of expertise to make it interesting for them. But if you are asked to write a narrative essay on a topic that is addressed to the common man, then the narrative has to be simple enough for them to relate to, at the same time not so simple as to make it boring.

Your opening paragraph should touch upon the main points of the event you are about to narrate which includes the scenario where the event took place, the people involved in the story and a time frame in which the story or event has taken place. The paragraphs which follow, should elaborate on the points in the chronological order and the paragraphs should be linked to each other. The language should be flawless. Grammar mistakes or spelling errors are not pardonable at all in a narrative essay, mainly because one wrong usage can change the meaning of an entire sentence. Hence, once you are through with writing your essay, it is very important that you edit and poof-read your essay and make sure it is flawless. Remember that one mistake can ruin your entire work.

You should take some time out to go through some samples before you sit down to write your essay. It is only meant to give you an understanding of the whole process. But do not imitate the style. It is always better to write your essay in your own style.

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