Response paper is a type of academic writing assignment which is given with the purpose of evaluating your knowledge on a particular book, a film or a topic of discussion. It will be necessary for students to learn how to handle such an assignment as it keeps coming up for academic assessments.

If it is a book or an article that you have been given as a topic for your response paper, it would begin with the same method use for writing book summaries and reports. The book will have to read several times. While reading it with the purpose of writing about your response, try to concentrate on what you feel about each part of the book. It will help a great deal if you note down your responses as you read on.

Your response could be negative or positive. You should state the reason why you feel that way. Point out any errors that you may find in the story line. If you feel that there is nothing negative to point out, that is also perfectly acceptable. Remember that it need not be a critical analysis of the book, even though a critical response is also permitted, unless specified otherwise. You can give your suggestions on what could have made the book better. You could offer your opinion on the theme, the topic, the style and anything else that could be related to the book or article in question.

You can also talk about what your initial reaction was on reading the first chapter and how it changed as you read on. You could elaborate on why your initial feeling about the book didn’t last till the end. You could also discuss what you had expected initially and whether it turned out to be better or worse. You could briefly mention your thoughts on whether the author has used his skills to the best in that particular book.
Even for a response paper on a film, the same method applies. You will have to watch it as many times as would be necessary for you to give a reasonable response.

Use first person narrative to write this paper as it is your response that has been asked for. Keep it in mind that writing a response paper is one of those rare occasions where ‘I’ matters a lot. What you feel and how you feel on reading the book or watching the film is what the paper is all about.

Response papers should be written with a proper structure as in an essay. The introduction will include the general information on the book or film you are writing on. The different stages of your response can be skillfully filled into the body paragraphs. The conclusion should be a statement which summarizes your response as it has been discussed in the body paragraphs.

Response paper is a very interesting writing assignment for your term paper or essay project as you get talk about how you feel about something. This type of essay assignment is capable of revealing your knowledge of the book or film in question and the effort you have put in towards the assignment.

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